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Welcome to Newborn & Family Care

Newborn & Family Care's mission is to provide new parents with the professional and sensitive support they need to help ease nerves with childbirth and beyond. The aspect of in-home care provides confidential and nurturing support to the new parent and empowers them to become independent and confident.

Newborn and Family Care of N.E.,LLC is a group practice of post partum doulas and experienced caregivers who nurture and support new parents during the chaotic weeks after the baby arrives home.

A post partum doula provides in-home care for the first 6 - 12 weeks including meal prep, breastfeeding support, newborn care assistance, errands, and light housekeeping.

Babies do not come with instructions! There is so much information out there you don't know where to start! New parents can research the literature, ask family and friends (almost always getting different answers), or let us provide you with hands on, confidential teaching tools in your home to help you through this amazing time in your life!

We offer services in the following areas:

Daytime in-home care
Postpartum doula
Overnight in-home care
Lactation consultancy
Vacation & travel

Doula - "An experienced, non-medical assistant who provides physical,
emotional and informed choice support in prenatal care, during childbirth
and during the postpartum period."

For more information about what a birth or post partum doula does, go to

Newborn & Family Care brochure of services

Daytime in-home care

Daytime in-home caregivers are knowledgeable, experienced women who focus on service to the family. They care for the baby while parents nap or may care for siblings while parents tend to their newborn. Daytime in-home caregivers also perform light household duties, such as tidying up, doing baby laundry, planning and preparing meals, and running errands.

Postpartum doula

A postpartum doula guides parents to care for their infant(s) themselves.
She will:

• Provide hands-on education with newborn and maternal care
• Help with feeding concerns and challenges
• Create a nurturing, restful environment for the family
• Help organize the nursery and home
• Help introduce and integrate the new baby into the family
• Prepare nourishing meals
• Offer a non-judgmental ear

Overnight in-home care

Overnight in-home caregivers are available to provide parents with nighttime respite. Parents sleep while the caregiver tends to the crying infant throughout the night. The caregiver rests when the baby sleeps. Parents may provide a pillow and blanket; private facilities are not necessary.

This service can be utilized whether breast feeding or bottle feeding. The caregiver will bring the baby to the mother or will bottle feed the baby.

In-home lactation consultancy

Breast feeding may have its challenges. An in-home lactation consultant can be available to assist the mother and baby in their efforts to successfully breast feed. A private in-home consultation can yield breast feeding tips, techniques, and useful breast pump equipment information. The lactation consultant offers encouragement and sensitive support with breastfeeding your baby.

Vacation & travel

An experienced caregiver can travel with your family when you're away from home for an extended period of time or can provide 24-hour in-home care while you're traveling. Some potential needs may be:

• Assists with childcare during days-, weeks-, or months-long summer vacations
• Provides respite care
• Accompanies new parents in obtaining their new baby in an overseas adoption
• Provides family with childcare coverage during a long-weekend

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