With the increased use of IVF, there may be a higher incidence of multiple births. This often times means a cesarean birth and an added recuperating time from major surgery.

Balancing the demands of two or more infants can be quite daunting. Whether it's organizing the home before the babies' births or handling all the activities upon their arrival home from the hospital, twins and triplets take lots of time, energy and planning! Many babies are preemies with low birth weights and require special feeding regimens. Many moms will be recovering from c-section surgery and want and need the extra help.

Our experienced caregiver can help:
• organize your home in preparation for your new babies' arrival
• provide an extra pair of hands during the busy day
• baby laundry, soothing crying baby
• overnight care - allowing new parents to sleep
• provide 24-hour in-home care
• educate parents in the care of multiple newborns

Parents can be empowered by a caregiver's presence and growing families can be guided and encouraged through this extraordinary time.

We offer another set of hands to hold, change, and soothe the babies. We show tips and techniques ‎on feeding positions when breast feeding twins. We guide the new parents in the art of swaddling and listen to questions and concerns when babies cry.

We offer the parents the ability to rest while we care for the babies. Sometimes restocking the changing stations, doing baby laundry, sterilize bottles, and, breast pumping equipment. ‎After a feeding, there's an immediate diaper change, swaddle and burping/ soothing session.

"Over the course of my third trimester, Kathy contacted me a number of times to find out how my doctor's appointments had been going. A few days before my scheduled C-section, she e-mailed again to finalize our schedule. She showed up early at my house the first night that we were home from the hospital (and she continued to show up early every night that she came to work!) and got to work right away. She established a night time routine with my boys from day one- she shut off all of the lights in the house, swaddled the boys, put them in their crib, and told me to get to sleep."
Shuli B.

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Newborn and Family Care of N.E.,LLC is a group practice of post partum doulas and experienced caregivers who nurture and support new parents during the chaotic weeks after the baby arrives home.

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  • Daytime in-home care
  • Overnight in-home care
  • Vacation & travel

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