Initially, I wasn't sure if I really "needed" help at night with our newborn. My husband and I both had some reservations about allowing a stranger into our home just as we were trying to find our way as new parents. Any doubt was washed away by the first night home from the hospital. We were terrified and exhilarated, and Kathy did a beautiful job of helping us navigate this new territory. She is incredibly supportive and thoughtful without being overbearing or intrusive in any way. Every time I elicited her opinion she would first ask, "well, what do YOU think?" Such a simple act yet it had an immeasurable impact on my self-confidence as a new mom. As the nights unfolded, we were increasingly more grateful for Kathy (I didn't think it was possible considering how happy we were with her from the beginning!) Kathy not only provided unbelievable care for our daughter-we literally trust her with our baby's life- but also for me. She was a wonderful support for a nursing mother as I learned the ropes- I credit my positive experience with breastfeeding to her. She spent time listening to me, talking to me, and helping me get sleep in-between feedings, all which helped my milk supply and moreover, my mental health! Unlike many other night nurses, Kathy supports parents' decisions about parenting and doesn't believe in "training" parents or babies; she deferred to our philosophy and wishes while providing guidance. I couldn't recommend her business more highly! Although we had to say goodbye for now (and I was heartbroken to do so!), we will hire her again in a heartbeat if we are lucky enough to get pregnant again!
Emily M.

"Kathy is very caring, she loves the babies she looks after, and she genuinely wants to teach parents how to interact with their babies for a happy family life. Our family is very lucky to have benefitted from Kathy's teaching." ~ L.A.P., Los Altos, CA

"In just a few short months you've helped us so much...as parents and as a family!" ~ B.C., Lexington, MA

"We were apprehensive initially with hiring someone to take care of them at night, but you were so quickly comfortable and comforting. We appreciate your advice and experience also - you have helped us so much in these last months." ~ K.F., Needham, MA

"Never having obtained any outside assistance for my first two children, I decided to enlist the help of Newborn Family Care upon the arrival of my third child. I am so happy that I made the choice. Not only was it a great help to have experienced, trustworthy people to care for my baby and allow me to get the rest I need to be a good mom to all three of my kids, but dealing with an agency gave me the flexibility to decide when I needed the extra help and when I could go it alone. I gladly recommend Newborn Family Care." ~ A.R.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Kathy. She took care of both of our kids when they were infants.

Kathy is trustworthy, kind, supportive, optimistic, caring, good-natured, funny and a mentor. My husband and I both learned a lot from her. She cuddled the baby and helped us enjoy every minute. Kathy taught us so much about how to care for newborns.

I have recommended Kathy to so many friends (my kids are now 2 and 4).

You would be lucky to have such a compassionate person in your home.

Good luck on your exciting journey,

Words can not adequately express my positively strong feelings towards Kathy and the help that she gave both me and my whole family during our first few months with newborn twin boys. I am a mom with experience- I have two daughters, 5 and 2, and the idea of adding two more children to our already busy family was pretty daunting. I was also extremely determined to breastfeed my twins, and needed to find someone who would help me navigate the process.

When I first met with Kathy in my second trimester, I felt confident that I had found someone who would care for my babies like they were her own. We "clicked" right away and spent close to an hour talking about parenting challenges. She gave me some hints as to how to let my daughters know that they were still important, even with the birth of twins looming. She reassured me that I would be great as a mom of twins, and let me know that she would do everything possible to help me breastfeed both of them.

Over the course of my third trimester, Kathy contacted me a number of times to find out how my doctor's appointments had been going. A few days before my scheduled C-section, she e-mailed again to finalize our schedule. She showed up early at my house the first night that we were home from the hospital (and she continued to show up early every night that she came to work!) and got to work right away. She established a night time routine with my boys from day one- she shut off all of the lights in the house, swaddled the boys, put them in their crib, and told me to get to sleep.

Over the course of the night, because I had decided to breastfeed them, Kathy would bring me the babies as they woke up. I was continuously amazed at how she was able to keep the babies quiet through nighttime diaper changes! She explained that she could not bear to hear them crying, and she also did not want my girls to wake up. She would sit with me to keep me company while I nursed, and brought me a cold drink every time she brought me a baby. As soon as I was done nursing she would take the baby back and I wouldn't hear from her again until one woke up again. Because I had twins, Kathy would often help me with simultaneous breastfeeding, and offered only positive encouragement, even when both babies were crying because they were having trouble latching on.

In the mornings, Kathy often made breakfast for me, and helped my two girls get ready for school. All of this was without anyone needing to ask her. She simply wants, and knows exactly how, to help.

My twins are now 9 weeks, and Kathy has become somewhat of a family member to all of us. While we have significantly reduced the number of nights that she now comes, even my girls look forward to her arrival. She calms the entire household when she comes, and has become a confidante and quasi-therapist to me as well. I can not recommend Kathy enough.
Shuli B.

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